Conference Introduction

Organizer Introduction

Established in 2003, JCtrans Logistics Network ( is a global logistics network with a registered capital of 100 million RMB and 300 staff. Since founded, JCtrans relies on e-commerce and online public platform to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers, by means of network marketing promotion, transaction, settlement platform, financial protection, credit system and other diversified services. With abundant domestic and international resources of logistics and trading industry, JCtrans aims to build a centralized, safe and fast logistics transaction and settlement platform, on which traders can seek freight forwarders to expand procurement channels and freight forwarders offer logistics solution services to global partners to build long-term cooperation relationships.

JCtrans has been monopoly awarded “The Best B2B Website” “The Best Media of China Logistics” “Top 100 of China E-commerce Industry Website” “Top 100 of China Business Website” etc… JCtrans will constantly innovate products and improve services to satisfy the real demands of logistics industry.

Conference Introduction

Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference 2020 is an online conference under COVID-19. This conference relies on internet technology and huge global logistics resources, develops online customer channels, builds a smart and efficient cooperation platform among logistics enterprises, and provides a right direction for the industry development and recovery. It has been more than 900 enterprises registered in this online conference, and we are expecting more than 5,000 participants in 150 countries and regions attended. The conference will be consisted of Peak Forum, Distinguished Guest Speech, One-to-One Meeting, Specialist Project Meeting and Free Talk Area. We provide you a platform with organizational innovation and development.


Sponsorship Quantity Price Benefits
Fixed Meeting Room 90 69 USD 1. No need to change the room;
2. Saving time
Ads in Studio 4/round,3 rounds 449 USD 1. Ads Position: the 4th item of the menu in the studio;
2. Format: picture, words and link;
3. Price: 449USD/ads, 20% off for 3 rounds
Tea-Break Ads during Live Broadcast 1 ads/round, 3 rounds 739 USD 1. Benefits: during the Tea-Break of each broadcast;
2. Format: 3 mints' video/ twice, once at the beginning and once at the end of the Tea-Break;
3. Price: 739USD/ads, 20% off for 3 rounds
Opening Ceremony Ads 1 ads/round,3 rounds 449 USD 1. Benefits: ads will be played twice, before/after each broadcast;
2. Format: 3 mints' video;
3. Price: 449USD/ads, 20% off for 3 rounds
Ads in Comments Area 3 ads/round,3 rounds 149 USD 1. Benefits: ads in Comment Area of each live broadcast will be displayed three times;
2. Format: words (within 140 characters)
3. Price: 149USD/ads
Exclusive Title Sponsor of Broadcasting only 2 2949 USD 1. Benefits: display during the whole live broadcast, appear in advertorials of this conference and enjoy other sponsorship benefits in the studio; two free tickets;
2. Price: 2949USD/round
Distinguished Guest Speech only 2 3239 USD 1. Benefits: one-hour speech during live broadcast and enjoy exclusive sponsorship benefits;
2. Price: 3239USD/round
Online Booth 30 889 USD 1. Open during 10 days' conference, company introduction display and all-day communication etc...
2. Two free tickets


Types Prices Benefits
Pattaya Conference Participants Free

1.Main Room: ① Opening Ceremony    ② Distinguished Guest Speech    ③ Peak Forum
2.Negotiation Center: ① One to One Meeting    ② Specialist Project Meeting    
③ Free Talk Area    ④ Individual Room
3.Exhibition Room: ① Booth ② Free Zone
4.Electronic Attendees List

Ticket A Member: 159 USD
Non-Member: 219 USD
Ticket B 69 USD

1.Main Room: ① Opening Ceremony    ② Distinguished Guest Speech    ③ Peak Forum
2.Negotiation Center: ① Specialist Project Meeting    ② Free Talk Area    ③ Individual Room
3.Exhibition Room: ① Booth    ② Free Zone

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